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“At least you won’t have to worry about that this time- he has set you up in a nice home with servants to look after you. Now, please forgive me and let’s have a nice visit- I want to share the latest news of what’s going on in Charleston.” Although Allie tried to pay attention to what Eli was saying, her thoughts were on Thomas, wondering where he was… *** When Thomas returned around eleven a.m., Allie was sitting on the balcony watching the activity in the harbor. She heard footsteps nearing the house and stood to look down. Even from a distance, she could see the worry on his face; her heart softened a little. Before seeing him, she was mad at him for going to Eli before he did her. After several minutes, she heard his footsteps …show more content…

You’re not smuggling weapons or slaves, are you? What exactly are you doing?” “Opium” Allie had heard about opium- Once, several years earlier, while in Savannah, she and Ada Joy was walking around town looking in shop windows while their mothers were having tea with the Savannah Women’s League. They accidentally wandered into a part of town near the docks that had what she later found out was an opium den; it scared the bejesus out of them. “About twenty years ago,” said Thomas, “there was an opium war between the British and China- it is still ongoing. It’s not supposed to be exported out of China, but it is. It costs the British a fortune to get it shipped to them. The East India Trading Company supplies most of the Opium. One ship will bring it from China to India and then it is shipped on to Britain; however, for the past several years, pirates have waged war on East India’s ships. They steal the opium and auction it off to the highest bidder. Since Britain also imports tobacco to mix with the opium to smoke, some independent shippers like the Captain and myself, began intercepting some of the trade and getting it to Britain safely. Most pirates assume the shipping is exclusively through India, so they concentrate their efforts there. In the meantime, independents like me slip it right on into Great Britain.” “It sounds dangerous.” “It is… I never really considered that danger until I married you. However, I have built my business on

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