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Short Story

It was lying there, the battered and torn body. There was a moment of silence as detective David Whittle and I stared at the body. I could not understand how this had occurred.

It had been a fairly quiet day at the station until I had received a phone call from a distressed mother, pleading for us to help. Her voice was hard to understand as she was crying so hard. I traced the call to a small village just on the edge of Brighton, called Linden where a Miss Hutton lived. I had visited Linden before as one of my old friends lived there. It was a quiet little town, which had nothing special about it. It was not far by car but I was confused as to why we were going there, as the
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"What happened?" I asked.

She said that it had been an ordinary day up until about three o clock when she heard noise coming from upstairs.

"Well it was just then that I realised that there were more people than just my daughter Victoria upstairs. There was a loud crashing sound and she screamed! I had not any idea that my daughter had just been murdered".

"Murdered you say".

She was still sulking as she said yes

"Did you see the murderer?" I asked.

She did not reply but just broke down in tears. Immediately our attention was drawn to the skid marks we had seen on our entry to the house. We examined them and David, being a vehicle expert recognised that they had been left by a transit van. The name Gary popped into mind when he said transit van as he had been known to speed around the local village, and I have arrested him on many occasions. He was a short black haired chubby man who had a distinctive scar down the left side of his face. He always wore jeans that were ripped at the bottom, and he had small brown boots. He was in his middle thirties and was not married.

David and I sat in our car and decided to ring the police station and tell them to look for the name Gary Myers in the police record books. Surely enough when they looked they said that he has been in and out of the local police station

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