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It was the party of the year, only the hottest, richest, and most popular teen socialites could attend. It was in celebration of surviving their first full week of senior year. There they were, scattered across the enormous penthouse, martinis in hand and holding meaningless conversations with people they probably didn’t like talking about how much daddy’s money bought them this weekend.It was the same spiel over and over again, money this money that, it was almost like because they had so much money it's all they could talk about. There was however something else a little less shallow among their conversations. There had been rumours circulating around Pembroke Preparatory School all week that Cordelia Scott, the once wild child “it” girl …show more content…

Priscilla Vanderbilt, Cordelia's best friend since diapers (well ex-best friend now) replaced Cordelia as Queen Bee when she disappeared for the summer. Her life was in shambles when Cordelia left and Cordelia couldn't even say so much of a goodbye to her best friend. In that moment Priscilla made a pact with herself that she'd never let anyone else in as much as she did with her ex-best friend. While Cordelia was on her “vacation from life,” Priscilla's mom left her father to be with someone else. This was devastating to her because she strives for perfection and she had just that until her life started to crumble from beneath her. She worked her way up to top dog and she's not letting anything or anyone take that from her, whatever the cost. The party continued but something was different about Cordelia tonight. Priscilla, and a few of the bratty girls that worship her, walked up to Cordelia. “Hi sweetie,” Priscilla said in her snottiest voice possible. “Hi Priscilla, I think that we have a lot to talk abo-” “Oh darling it doesn't look like you have a drink yet. Martini? Your fav!” “No Priscilla I really think tha-” “Don't be silly C, drink up. Oopsie!” Priscilla said as she smirked and poured the martini on Cordelia's lap. “You know what you little-” Cordelia said through her teeth stopping herself before saying something she'd regret. Cordelia walked out of the party with

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