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He was an odd fellow, Peter. An accountant at a large firm on West 34th street, he was well set. He loved to meet new people and catch up with old friends. This was only his fourth month of living in Manhattan, but he had already been swallowed by the culture of the town. The streets were cold in the city that never sleeps. Friends were few and far between, especially because he was new to the area. Friendly hellos on the way to work were rare. Growing up in a small town, Peter had lived with a strong community mentality. It was a new experience seeing people pass by without a greeting or even a simple nod of the head. Peter began to grow tired of the loneliness, even when he was amid the crowded sidewalks of the city. He needed a …show more content…

When people met him, they immediately presumed he was an addict or a thief. It was obvious that folks just didn’t think it wasn’t worth their time to converse with a freeloader. Rich was pleasantly surprised to meet someone who cared.
Peter returned with, “Nice to meet you Rich. My name is Peter.” They shook hands and Peter proceeded to work. As he strode down the busy streets, watching as the lonely faces passed, he realized that he now has the chance to make an acquaintance in this town, maybe even a friend.
The next day, Peter found himself taking the detour again. This time is was by choice. As he passed the man, he greeted him and continued on his way. This pattern continued for some weeks. Sometimes they would stop to chat, and other times they would simply pass with a simple nod of the head. One day in December, the man was not in his usual place. Peter could sense that something was wrong, because he knew Rich had nowhere to be. Peter darted into the alley where he discovered a bald-headed hooligan beating Rich. The man was threatening Rich, “Get out of my city or I’ll make you leave.”
Peter yelled in a voice he never knew he had, “Get off of that man!” As he approached, the delinquent stood up and faced Peter.
“And who do you think you are?” he snarled. “Mind your own business or you’ll end up like him.” He gestured to Rich.
Peter glanced down at Rich and noticed his bloodied face and deep cut on his forehead. Wondering why anyone would hurt

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