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Kissing the driver good-bye, Marlene Barnes exited the 2011 Malibu and waltzed across the parking lot. The raven-haired beauty with a taste for the finer things in life, unlocked the new, red sports, Mercedes parked in the doctor’s parking lot with the other expensive vehicles. Driving out onto Imperial Highway and down to Highway 74, with her thoughts lingering on the last few hours spent with her lover. Marlene drove faster than usual to get home ahead of Jerry and Andrew. Smiling as she drove into the garage, without seeing Jerry’s car parked in his usual spot. Marlene went into the house, after making a fresh pot of coffee, she sat at the table, she glanced through the mail while waiting for her husband and father-in-law to arrive. …show more content…

“Go ahead, talk to Jerry as often as you please. Just mind your own damn business and leave us alone. Jerry and I are happy. We love each other and always will. I don’t know why Frank called my phone unless he was looking for his daughter,” Marlene said, adding, “I’ve only spoken to him a few times and probably wouldn’t recognize him if I met him on the street.”
“If that’s true, then tell me why you’re seen getting out of his old Malibu and going to your red sports Mercedes car which you parked in different business parking lots around town. I know you’re up to something,” Katherine said.
“I don’t know what you’ve been drinking, but come on, Mom. You should know I would never do anything to hurt my family,” Marlene said, without answering her mother’s question. Yet, she knew if anyone told Jerry about Frank, it would kill him ─, or he would kill her. “Honey, I love you and you’re my world, but please, don’t expect me to sit back and say nothing,” Katherine said, concerned about her daughter’s family
“Yes, Mother, you love me and I love you, we have a fantastic relationship. I swear I’ll see you in your grave before I let you cause me problems. Please leave it alone. I’m warning you, don’t make trouble for me,” she said, knowing she needed Jerry and Frank to complete her life ─ Jerry for financial reasons and Frank for her emotional and physical needs. “I’ll be by

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