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The thick fog in front of my eyes slowly starts to dissipate and the familiar voice starts to take shape. Hope seizes me: I may be not blind after all. Even if...

"I'm old enough to make my own decisions and live with the consequences..." I whisper to Harry.

"Indeed, I think you are."

"Did you catch a cold? There's a nasty bout of flu still spreading," I say, remembering that almost a quarter of Sarah's patient who came to the clinic last week showed the symptoms. Was it last week? Time is like my sight at the moment, a bit fuzzy.


Weird. Has Harry resumed smoking? Confused, I try to focus on the blurry silhouette next to me and realise with great surprise that my sister dyed her hair black and...

"You're sitting... on a …show more content…


"What happened?" I ask after taking a deep breath and wince at the pain shooting through my ribcage. Broken ribs. No doubt more than one.

"How do I tell you without alarming you... Harry was particularly adamant on this particular point and I can't disagree with her-"

"Sherlock!" I cut him, not knowing what alarms me more: that my friend is worried about causing me some distress - which is too late by the way - or that he agrees with my sister on something about me, which incidentally also means that Harry was here then and that I did not completely hallucinate her presence at my sides. A good point for my sanity, right?

"Let's just say that it would have been more fun to follow Virgil at the bottom of the ninth circle than you in an Afghan rabbit hole."


Feeling like I'm suddenly in high seas on a heaving ship, I close my eyes to keep my stomach under control. When I open them again, relief wash over me upon noticing that Sherlock's silhouette is a bit sharper than a couple of minutes ago.

"Sorry. Maybe I should not have said the A word so soon."

Jaw clenched tight, I focus the few neurons that seemed willing to work on figuring out how poor my physical state is to prevent my mind to rush toward dark memories. For once, my right arm is in a sling, but I can't see much more for my neck won't allow such a degree of rotation. My eyes turn toward the left side of my body for

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