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One day in a college water pipe there was a peanut named peter, this peanut was special, he lived in a Skippy brand peanut butter jar in a city named Aquaville. One day he met a donut named Dylan. Peter met Dylan when he was walking down to the local coffee shop. That day was not normal in his usual seat was sitting a donut. As Peter looked around at him the donut turned and glanced at him and he said hi and ever since that day they were good friends. After about a year of working at the local grocery store he discovered something very wrong with the city. In his daily walk down to the gym, he saw a sewer hatch open and he couldn’t resist but to explore. He loved to explore he climbed down the ladder and walked a ways down when he saw the …show more content…

And the next minute came on the news from the sheriff that they had it under control, but deep inside they knew that it wasn’t fine. So next day at work he was a little more aware of his surroundings and what happened which led to him at his home starting to prepare for the worst of the worst to happen. So after another week or two he and Dylan began to plan to try and fix this problem so as they worked for about 4 days couldn’t find a solution, but to wait for it to come be set off and for the city to be destroyed and as that evening he began to cry and began to wonder what would become of him when his city and home are destroyed. After the next few days he and the police department were planning when to order a mass evacuation. And as the day was more crime was being committed and they were getting away and peter was trying to figure out why but he couldn’t understand why the crime rate went up high as the day come down to the evacuation and his pet Cedric got sick and was trying to tell him something but couldn’t find out what. On a sunny Wednesday afternoon on the news came a warning of danger and the police ordered that everyone evacuate and that they weren’t panicked when ¾ the people

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