Short Story: Moving To The Beach

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After manuel asked her to be his they went right to the beach which was located about ½ of a mile away from the restaurant. They rolled down the beach with his fantastic car playing some old school music full blast like if they were the only people on this earth. This was their special day and no one on the earth can ruin this. When they pulled up to the beach emmanuel pulled up to the first parking spot. He got out of the car and went to go open the door for his new wife.they both walked down the beautiful sand where the sand was clear of any sticks and rocks. The night was just right with a beautiful full moon and the sky nice and dark. The walked romantically down the beach line feeling the nice ice cold water with their feet. Maria was walking a little fast because she had wanted to get to the end of the beach where they had sat for about 1 hour. They talked about a lot of their date and how much it meant to…show more content…
Emmanuel thought of the best idea that they have had in a long time. They were gonna move to America and make a brand new start with nothing to lean on just going with the flow. He thought that this was the best because it was for the kids and their dreams of becoming professional baseball players. Emmanuel had not brought this up to maria because it was just a idea and it's not like a forsure thing yet. He thought that Maria would totally be with him on this idea. He was planning on telling her that night at dinner because he knew that the kids were not gonna be there because the kids were gonna be at baseball practice. So that night after he left the mechanic shop he knew maria was making some homemade food. He had gotten served some chile and rice and some beans which were all perfectly cooked. He had brought up the idea that they needed to make a big change in their life. Emmanuel had started the conversation about
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