Short Story : My Secret Life

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My Secret Life “She was pretending in church. Pretending to be happy so people wouldn’t worry about her. Or ask what was wrong. She doesn’t want anyone to know how she feels” (Day 73). My favorite book, Tall Tales by Karen Day, has many quotes that accurately describes the situation that is my life. These quotes may not be seen to be the happiest ones, but neither has my home life been. My mom has always told me that I must put our good and bad memories on an imaginary scale and see which one outweighs the other one. I lie while telling her that my good side outweighs the bad side. At the beginning of every school year, no matter how old you get, your teachers expect you to tell them a little about yourself. So, every year Meg’s words come to mind when she thinks, “I don’t want to write about my life. Who cares about that? Why would I ever want to tell anyone what’s going on at home” (Day 39) I honestly feel that it seems pointless to talk about yourself; people think that you are arrogant or that you are deceitful. Tall Tales is about a girl named Meg who wishes she could make a friend without having to come up with lies to describe her family and home life. She is the middle child from three children. Her older brother, Teddy, usually takes the brunt of their father’s screams, hits; he has given up on the hope of having his father change back to the man he once used to be. Her younger sister, Abby, loves her family dearly, including her father. Her father, Bob, is an

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