Short Story : My Story

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“Madison Carter! I know you were the class clown! Don’t try to fool me!” my husband Johnny Flash yelped. I rolled my eyes, I didn’t have time to argue, I had to get ready. “Whatever Johnny. Don’t forget to be ready at seven o’clock. We have to be at school for my thirty year reunion at seven-thirty, remember?” I reminded him. “I thought that was next week!” he sighed. “No! It is tonight, so get dressed!” I rebuked. I went off to my bedroom to get my dress. It was a gorgeous brown, with peacock feathers coming out the sides and the bottom of the dress. The peacock feathers really brought out the blue in my eyes, and the brown made the low-lights in my hair stand out. The organic peacock feather earrings I bought at “Bird Barn” were a stunning touch, if I do say so myself. By the time I finished getting ready, I had time to kill. I looked around my room, searching for memories. I went and grabbed a yearbook out of the closet. It read: “Senior Year: Class of 2020” I flipped to the back of the book, where all of the pictures from events throughout the year had been put. The first picture I saw was of our entire class, when we went on our Senior trip to Disney World. The picture beside it was took at the hotel we stayed at during our senior trip. It was a picture of Brea, Meredith and Kylee, playing a game they made up, called “Chubby Pickle”. I remember them sitting in the lobby, trying to see who could fit the most slices of pickle in their mouth. I
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