Short Story Of A Wolf

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He smacked the engine compartment, trying to restart it, but he was answered with clicks. He was still in delirium when he heard Eustace and Caroline revving up. He raised his hand to stop them, but they shot past him like a bullet. They mustn't have seen him from their speed. Hopefully, they would come around when...
He heard a growl. He looked behind to a rude awakening.
A wolf.
His troubles were only beginning he realized. At first, he saw the one—a dark one— emerging closer and closer to the realization that the other wolves were circling behind him.
“Heavens,” he breathed, stumbling for his rifle. Dread washed over him with a measure of surprising calm. He had to be “calm” he reminded himself as he kept his eyes fixed on the rather …show more content…

There was blood.
There was a hand barely holding out of the water.
Michael's hand.
Stopping at a safe distance with the engine still running, Eustace jumped from the snowmobile, skidding towards the crack in the ice. He reached for the hand. Miraculously, there was a response as Michael's hand gripped his. Eustace pulled, hoping this wouldn't be both their demise in the instance of both of them falling into the ice.
“Michael?” he called to the pale, stiff body he'd pulled from the ice. When there was no response, he dragged him towards the snowmobile and placed him awkwardly on the cart, driving from the cracking ice to safety.
“Don't you give out on me, son!” Eustace cried.
Eustace hit the gas, but not so much—with experience—to prevent the snowmobile from giving out on him like Michael's did. That would be a double-whammy.
The wind was picking up, swirling the fallen snow in every direction, further compromising visibility. He sensed they'd made it out of the lake when he began hitting slight, uneven bumps. In the haste to get away, they'd lost the path they came on. Had he known the conditions were going to worsen after the respite they thought was going to last, he wouldn't have made them come. Now he was going to lose a good young man.
They were in the clear he thought when he spotted a figure ahead. He hit the breaks. It might be a helpful encounter he thought—two figures actually. Then a third. That was odd. It was usually one person per

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