Short Story Of Jade Deluna

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Jade Deluna is in her last year of high school. She’s a very bright seventeen-year old who gets straight A’s in all her AP classes. Her academic schedule is very hectic and on top of that she struggles with her anxiety disorder and also with her strained family. Jade and her family move to Settle the beginning of her freshman year. They had moved in a couple blocks from a zoo. Besides the medicine she takes, Jade finds that visiting the elephants at the zoo help her stay calm. She even has a live webcam of the elephants in her room that she can watch whenever she wants.
One day, while she was watching the webcam, she noticed a young boy in a red jacket carrying a baby who would visit the elephants often. His name is Sebastian Wilder. He lives on a houseboat with his
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Sebastian had told Jade that she had died during childbirth but that wasn’t true. She was still alive. When she was pregnant with Bo, she would talk about how she didn’t want to have the baby and how having a baby would ruin her life. She wanted to give the Bo away but Sebastian wanted to keep him. After she had give birth to Bo, she never saw him or asked how he was. Until a couple of months ago when she called him saying that she messed up and wanted Bo in her life. Her family had gotten a lawyer to file for custody. Sebastian didn’t want to give Bo up so he made the mistake of taking off with Bo without saying where he was moving to. Now he has to live in secret.
Later on in the story, Sebastian moves to New Mexico with Tess and Bo. He had asked Jade to go with him and she said yes. But she then changed her mind that is until Sebastian was moving to Santa Fe. Jade had applied and gotten into a university in New Mexico and decided to go live with them. She left her life behind in Seattle to start a new one. It’s a great opportunity for both of them to start
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