Short Story Of The Giver

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As the sled reached it’s destination Jonas found himself looking down at Gabe, he felt weak. Nauseated, the last thing he saw was the snow filled cotton balls in the sky. Gabriel was still conscious, however he was beginning to have frostbite on three of his fingers and all of his toes. He whimpered in pain waiting on someone to soothe it and bring him peace.The snowfall forcefully entered Jonas’s jacket suddenly waking him up. Gabrielle was sitting next to him continuously screaming. Jonas instinctively picked up gabe and tried to find the problem. Looking all over Gabe, Jonas finally went to his hands realizing the issue. Jonas gave Gabe his socks and took his toboggan off and wrapped it around his hands. Gabe refused at first then …show more content…

Jonas didn't say anything he just nodded his head in agreement. “You guys head to the car, I’ll get my purse and meet you out there.” Marsha said. The boys headed to the car and Marsha followed after grabbing her purse. The car ride was silent but calming. Jonas had never been in a car before but didn't ask any questions. After a 20 minute car ride Jonas saw the hospital. Marsha turned into emergency parking and parked. She calmly walked the boys inside and signed in at the front desk. The women at the front desk looked at Jonas and Gabe and realized how bad they looked. The women said “ Dr.Yamen will be right with you.” The wait was very awkward no one said a work accept Jacob. After the 5 minute wait Marsha and the boys were called back into the office. “What is the problem with these young boys.” The doctor asked. “I don't really know, I guess i just want a checkup to make sure they're okay.” “Okay, come back here with me and we can get started.” The doctor asked Marsha and Jacob to step out of the room because there would be a lot going on. Marsha agreed and left along with Jacob. Marsha walked out into waiting room and sat with Jacob. The wait was almost 2 hours long and Marsha was worried. Once Marsha walked up to the front desk to see if her boys were almost done Dr. Yamen called her back. “Jonas and Gabe both need shots. I’m afraid that Gabe needs to stay here for a while because of his frostbite. If

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