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“That is a dead troll,” Donovan said, trying to sound stately but it didn’t carry. “It takes a lot to kill a troll, so scouts thought we would want to look at it,” Harkin reported. He toed the 8 foot being the lay prone on the practice greens on the east side of the castle. “They thought I would want to mount the head,” Donovan corrected. Dominique turned up her nose at the lumpy brow. Donovan took her hand. “Could it be a victim of the Sofria war?” Harkin asked. “I don’t see any weapon marks, and it isn’t deformed like the bodies at Osman’s village.” “How could you tell if a troll if a troll is deformed?” Donovan laughed. Dominique swallowed the anger, because the troll wasn’t deformed. He just wasn’t human. She had too…show more content…
Yes, elves were dying in increasing numbers. Yes, they found a dead village Pech. Still, the stories of death and destruction outside Lord Donovan’s castle began to fade for Dominique as she focused on the life within her. Yes it was all very sad, but it was far away now. All would be well, Dominique told herself. One morning the week after Dominique announced she was pregnant, she paced the balcony with a teething Gabby, whose father had succumbed to her bright smile and chirping laugh. “You will be so good with a child,” Ann said. “How do you do it?” “I think about what my own mother would do…then do the opposite.” “I hope yours is a boy. To have an heir as steady as you would be a good thing.” “I’m hoping for healthy this go around. Donovan will have a lifetime to create an heir.” “An heir and spare: that is what you need.” Gabby sniffed, and Dominique rubbed her gums with her free hand. Dominique’s eyes were looking over towards the mountain, but she saw Donovan playing with their boys. Teaching them to ride horses. She could picture Donovan taking their boys into the Great Hall to hear court cases. Her daydreams were interrupted as she noticed a large pink dome rising above the tree line. At first, Dominique thought her eyes were playing tricks because the dome just discolored the sky faintly. “Ann, come look at this.” Scanning, the horizon, it took Ann a moment to see it. “It is still
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