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"That's just it. You have no reason to be here." "I do! I told you, I need - " "An expensive and hard to procure potion ingredient for an illegal potion. A potion which, I feel compelled to point out even though I am certain that you, Miss Know-It-All, are well aware carries a lengthy prison term in Azkaban for using." "Yes, I know," she whispered. He studied her for a moment, silence once again permeating the room and making her tense. "No,” he said. "What?" "I said 'no.' I'm not going to risk Azkaban myself or let YOU risk it because you're in the family way. Marry your speckled, ginger-headed moron and raise a passel of ginger brats. Honestly Granger, it's what everyone expected of you after the war anyway, although I …show more content…

"You.... you ddon'tt... uhn - der - stand," she sobbed. He wouldn't have thought someone this hysterical capable of wielding a wand, but before he knew it, her vine wand was in her hand, pointed straight at him. "This is all YOUR fault! I'm p-pregnant because of YOU!" Over the course of his years upon this earth, Draco Malfoy had seen many shocking things, mostly thanks to his psychotic - and mercifully deceased - Aunt Bellatrix and her sadistic ophidian Dark Lord. Yet despite all of the horror he'd witnessed during the last war, no act of violence, no streak of depravity, no one person had ever, ever come close to shocking him nearly as much as Hermione Granger just had. "What did you say?" his voice was a hoarse whisper that cut through the tension in the room like a knife. Her wand hand trembled as she continued to point the wand at him, making him swallow in fear. Being at the end of Hermione Granger's wand was a dangerous place to be. "You did this!" she gasped. "You, not Ron! You and that goddamned bloody lust potion!" It felt as if all of the air had been sucked from the room, as if a hippogriff had seated itself on his chest. His brain tried to make sense of the words he was hearing. She was pregnant... by him? Not the Weasel? It was... his? He wanted to scream. He wanted to violently curse whomever had drugged them both. He wanted to pinch himself and wake up from what was obviously a vivid and bizarre dream brought on by

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