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Cynthia closed her eyes and took a deep breath before she entered the building of her new job. Today was the first day of her new found job. She was a bit nervous, and a little terrified just thinking about how her day was going to go.
Come on Cyn, you got this. She gave her self a small little pep talk so it can build her courage to get through her first day.
She walked up to the front desk where the receptionist was sitting and going through papers. She waited for a few seconds so the receptionist could realize that she was standing there but she never looked up. Cynthia cleared her throat, trying to get her attention and the women’s head immediately shot up.
“I’m so sorry, I didn’t notice you standing there,” Cynthia gave her a friendly …show more content…

She finally looked up at who she bumped into. Kingsley stood about 6’2 with a tan, brown skin complexion. He stood there with an annoyed look written on his face. She thought he was good lucking, but seemed like the rude type.
“Once again, I apologize.” She tried to reason with him.
“Apologizing is not going to do anything, so stop wasting your breath and please move out of my way.” He snapped at her before snatching his things out of her hands and walking away.
Dumb bitch, he thought to himself while strolling to his office.
The receptionist, who was watching the whole thing unfold, began to chuckling to herself. Once Cynthia caught her continuing to stare at her, she looked away, which caused her to roll her eyes. The beeping noise to elevator began to go off indicating it has arrived. She walked in and pushed the button to take her to the 9th floor, where Kingsley resided.
If I ever see that man again, it will be too soon. It’s my first day of this job and I don’t want any problems.
Once she reached the floor she was supposed to be on, Cynthia scanned her eyes for the small desk the lady was referring too. Once spotted, she walked over to her Haley which caused Haley to smile.
“Hey Cyn, nice to see you again.” Haley continued to smile as she hugged Cynthia lightly which caused her to smile back.
Haley was the one that offered her the job. She was

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