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“Mr. Tartt? Mr. Tartt?” A security guard asked stepping into the storage closet looking for me. I finished typing the email that was being sent to Kasten VanMeter, a detective that I thought could reveal the suspicious activities happening here at Mount Massive Asylum. I stood straight up, closed my laptop, and walked to the entrance of the room where I was met by the security guard. “Where have you been? They called for you 5 minutes ago.” He asked in an irritated manner. I ignored his question and walked down a long cold hallway to where I was requested. As I entered, the doors slid apart making a whooshing sound. Several men in Hazmat suits glanced at me and then went back to work. I walked in hastily and sat down at my desk. “Mr. …show more content…

“There we go, run along now, Tartt.” The man in the Hazmat suit commanded. I hurried back to the storage closet where I left my laptop and went inside. I looked around a few stacked crates and then I saw my boss Jeremy Blair sitting there with my laptop open. “Looks like somebody's been telling stories outside of class.” Jeremy said smirking. I turned to run, but was ambushed by 3 security guards who forced me down to the floor. “Mr. Trei Tartt here sent a message to a reporter about some of the activities here at Mount Massive.” He filled in the guards on what was happening. “So, by doing that, you just signed yourself up for a spot in the testing facility.” Jeremy said dropping and smashing my laptop. I couldn't move, I was terrified. “Why don't you boys give Mr. Tartt here a light anesthetic?” Jeremy asked the 3 men. “My pleasure.” one of them said before punching me so hard in the face that it knocked me over. I turned my body to block some, but the men overpowered me. I looked up at one of them and they kicked me in the face, knocking me out. I woke up 2 hours later sat in a chair that I was strapped to. A scientist saw me awake and started the brainwashing experiment. I tried my best to look away, but it would take a miracle to save me. Kasten’s P.O.V: I sat there in my car driving around curved roads. I finally stopped at the entrance to Mount Massive Asylum. “This is the place, huh?” I asked myself before

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