Short Story

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I’m turning 13 soon. That means that I will have to serve on the military and ‘fight’ for our city, Pedagoge. A long time ago it used to be called Washington D.C, Until General Clinton took over. I don’t want to be on the military. It seem too scary, and I’ve heard bad things about it. My sister went there when she was 13, I haven’t seen her in 7 years. Her name was Rachel, I miss her. She was like my best friend. You know, other than Sebastian. He is my ride or die. I actually have to meet him at Lunes ( The coffee shop only open on mondays) in about 5 minutes. I better leave now. “Morgan, what took so long?” Yelled Sebastian. “I’m only 1 minute, and 46, 47,48-” “Ok that doesn't matter. What matters is that we need to talk about how we…show more content…
I need a life. “OK,” Breaths Sebastian, “I’ve got a number of people willing to be in our squad. Shall I start?” He questioned. “Yeah,sure.” I sighed. “Ok number 1, Name: Alice. Age: 12. Haircolor: Brown. Eye Color: Hazel. Personality: sophisticated, likes to be on time, and is NEVER late, carries around a pencil, pen, and pad every where she goes. And-” “Ew! Not A3P. She always is so critical about my writing. I misspelled one word. Like umm HELLO, It’s not the end of the world.” I ranted. “Well in her defense, you misspelled the name Morgan.” “So?” “YOUR NAME’S MORGAN!” He informed, “Anyway’s back to the list. Um… Ooh what about Anthony? He has a photographic memory, and invented the ClainozGel. You know, the thing that cleans our rooms for us? He is super smart and would be helpful when determining our greatest chance at succeeding in this task.” He said excitedly. “I like Anthony. He should definitely be in our squad.” I respond. He shows me 5 more people, 3 of which I discarded. I just wasn’t getting that feeling with them so I had to let them go. Now we have to go meet our chosen guests at the Hideout. (Which is just an old tree house no one knows about except us.) We get to the tree house and we see our people already waiting. They looked nervous. Especially Anthony. But I see why, he’s never done anything bad in her life ever. Except the time he wore his red flannel on the day we were supposed to wear blue. I felt really bad

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