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Odin shakes his head. INT. HALLWAY OUTSIDE THE COMMAND CENTER Asher realizes he has to take on Moss. No problem. He steps up and greets the charging Moss with a series of thunderous strikes. Moss takes some, returns some but Asher gets in the deciding blow. Moss is slammed against a wall, goes down to one knee. Asher delivers a punishing combination. Gets Moss on his back, pummels his face, then uses his forearm to choke Moss out. ASHER You waited 35 years for this? Sad. Looks like the end of Moss as Asher bears down. Then Moss stabs Asher in the throat with the small knife Mykola left him. He stabs Asher over and over until the blade breaks from the handle, stays in Asher’s neck. Moss pushes Asher off. Watches him die. Moss gets up and …show more content…

FONTAINE Keep looking. MOSS There. A group of wounded soldiers being attended to by medics. Dolivonic zooms in as far as he can. Moss steps closer to the screen, zeroes in on a particular soldier. As the image resolves - it’s a female soldier, a little tighter... MOSS That’s her. That’s Jenny. 13. EXT. ARMY BASE - THAT MOMENT Odin hops into a UAZ and cranks the engine. A burst of gunfire rakes the vehicle. Odin looks up, sees Shaw approach, has the drop on him. Odin simply steps from the vehicle and walks out into the open space. He looks up at the sky then down at the ground. Where did this go wrong? Shaw shoves Odin to his knees. SHAW Hands on your head, shitheel. Odin complies. Shaw frisks him, no weapons. Shaw yanks him to his feet, points his weapon, seems as if Odin dies tonight. SHAW Pauling said you and her were in the same class at West Point. That you were always the smartest guy in the room. What the fuck happened? ODIN 9-11. SHAW 9-11? ODIN It seemed like a good business opportunity. So, I went private. Shaw is repulsed. Just what Odin wanted. ODIN I’m ready to die. Do your job, soldier. Shaw gets hold of himself. SHAW Not my decision to make. INT. STRATCOM - THAT MOMENT The wall of command displays suddenly flash. GPS coordinates begin to overlay the maps. TECH Our birds are back. 14. INT. ODIN COMMAND CENTER Dolivonic and Nitz look up at Fontaine. DOLIVONIC It’s done. All the displays in the room now read “No Signal.” Fontaine grabs

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