Short Story : ' Say Uncle ! '

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"Say Uncle!" "N-never!" "Say it!" "N-n-UNCLE, OH MY GOODNESS UNCLE. NOT THERE, WEN, N-not there!" She snorted uncontrollably, rolling off of Levi. They had been engaged in the most epic tickle war of all time for the past half an hour, and she 'd just hit the most tickle-ish spot he has. It was pretty funny, you know, to watch your best friend laugh ten times louder and harder than they usually did. And if you knew Levi, you 'd know how loud he gets when he 's being tickled. One point to Gryffindor! You can probably guess what house Levi belongs to. "That-that was not cool." He said, looking rather out of breath. Wen laughed at him, She stood up on the couch and put her foot on his stomach then her hands on her fists. "Yeah, yeah, you won." Levi stuck his tongue out at her before smiling. He rolled over and flopped onto the floor with a thump, causing Wen to loose balance and fall onto the couch. "So what do you wanna do?" "We could start our homework." "Nah, we have all weekend to do homework." "We could take a walk?" "Ugh... Physical activity. Sunlight." "We could go to the Creek?" "No, there 's probably a bunch of graffiti artists there." Wen gave him a bunch of exasperated looks. "Then what do you want to do?" Levi scratched at his neck. "Well, I told Jake that I 'd hang out with him this
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