Short Story : ' Tell Me About It '

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Jada and her mother were sitting in the restaurant enjoying lunch. However, Rebecca could sense there were some things weighing heavily on her daughter’s mind.

She inquired, “Jada? What’s going on?”
Laughing nervously, “What are you talking about, mom?”
“You seem preoccupied.”
Jada looked down at her salad for a moment. Realizing she wasn’t very hungry. She responded on a sigh, “Mom, I’m just trying to work things with Maxwell. It’s so hard.”
Rebecca nodded, “Tell me about it.”
Jada explained to her mother the details of what was going on with her and Maxwell. Rebecca took note.

“Jada, have you really thought about what leaving him would do? What would you really be accomplishing?”
Looking at her mother she states, “He would be happy!” She leans in and says, “Since losing the baby, I’ve brought nothing but heartache. I keep hurting him. On top of all of that I’m dealing with some deep rooted issues and don’t know why. This marriage was just an (air quotes) arrangement. I’m experiencing real problems and he and his girls shouldn’t have to be subjected to that. It isn’t fair!”

Rebecca reached for her daughter’s hand and calmly said, “This has been hard on you both and I understand. How about Maxwell? How does he feel about it all?”
Jada’s other hand went to her forehead and she said despondently, “He won’t allow me to walk away. I’m afraid if I try again that he may just put me under lock and key. As of right now, we’re pretty darn close.”
Rebecca sat back,

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