The China Coin Chapter Questions

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The China Coin: Chapter Questions Chapters 1 & 2: 1. What is Leah’s attitude to her Chinese identity as she travels to China? How do we know? (page 10) 2. What is Leah’s attitude to her mother at the beginning of the novel? How do you know? (page 9) 3. What does Leah learn about the city of Guangzhou? Does she fit in (feel that she belongs?) How do you know? (pages 15-19) 4. What is Leah’s attitude to China at this stage of her journey? How do we know? (page 20-23) 5. In Guangzhou what does Leah learn about the political situation in China? (page 22) Good Field Village: Chapters 3-7 6. a) What do we learn about Leah’s appearance and life in Australia? (pages 23-24) b) What does her statement “You’re not Chinese. You don’t even look like …show more content…

What are Ke’s feelings about his fathers’ death? (pages 118-119) 19. On her way to visit Joan in the hospital Leah thinks about her relationship with Joan. What does she realize and what does this tell us about how Leah is changing? (page 137) 20. Lean and Joan come together in a new understanding. What do they realize about why they have come to China? (138-139) 21. Where do Li Nan and Leah find the other half of the coin? What is the significance

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