Short Story : ' The Last Place ' And ' We Stay '

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Chiara Cebello
9th Grade

And We Stay
By: Jenny Hubbard

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2. Teaser: The last place Emily Beam would want to go to is a library. The start of it all began at a high school party when Emily and senior, Paul Wagoner entered a bedroom nearby. Weeks followed along with her cravings and projectile vomiting. Frightened and confused, Emily sat in a neighboring McDonalds’s bathroom, awaiting her test results. When Emily opened the restroom door, revealing Paul’s anxious face, she showed him the results. At age seventeen, Paul felt he was already a father, however, Emily was not nearly as ready to be a mother. She confessed to her mother that she was pregnant within the next few days. Along with never seeing Paul again, Emily was …show more content…

After Paul’s funeral, Emily went forth with the abortion. Instead of returning to Grenfell County High School, she was sent to Amherst School for Girls, an all-girl boarding school. Being a poet herself, Emily Beam was interested in the history of the school, being that it educated the famous poet, Emily Dickenson. Aside from her supporting new roommate, K.T., Emily uses poetry as a way to find herself once again and put her mind at peace with her heartbreaking past events.

3. Setting: Descriptive phrases and metaphors are used to draw out the novel’s setting. And We Stay follows teenager, Emily Beam, at her new boarding school, Amherst School for Girls (Amherst, Massachusetts) in the year 1995. The school takes pride in the fact that the famous poet, Emily Dickenson, once educated herself in the same hallowed hallways. When taking the path of Main Street, Emily Beam often finds herself in the poet’s shoes walking about the Dickenson house; writing her own poems. The girls in Amherst School for Girls are different than Emily. They appear to be more clean and put-together than she is and all of the girls have boyfriends. The school itself hosts consecutive dances every week with a boys’ school nearby. The gossipy libraries and the painted landscapes are greatly expressed in the words of the author, Jenny Hubbard. “The hills in the distance, hugged by the veil of mist, seemed closer than usual, and she set out to reach them” (pg 21). In the author’s words,

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