Short Story : ' The Suitcase '

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Short dark stories 1. The suitcase One day, a man bought a suitcase, his wife was on a business trip so he was stuck watching his 5 year old daughter, she seemed to have an interest in the suitcase. It was 9:00 pm, so he put his daughter to sleep. When the man to his study to do his work, when he was done he went downstairs to open the suitcase. It would open, so out of anger he threw it across the room, and used a knife he saw on the table to stab it, and he kept hitting it, and throwing it, and stabbing it until it finally popped open. He was horrified to see his daughter in the suitcase all beaten and stabbed and hurt. It turns out she was so curious that she snuck inside when he we in his study. 2. Thanksgiving surprise One day the family maid was I. Charge of making the dinner. She had to make it fast before the guest arrived no matter what, or else she would get fired, the child of the family was a young boy about 3 years old, he was small and chubby and the cutest thing you will ever see. He watched as the maid cooked the dinner, later that night the power went off. "Oh my... I still have to put the turkey in the oven... So she grabbed it and put it in the oven, when the over stopped, she cut it into 4 parts and put it on the table. When the guests arrive and they took out the top for the turkey, they screamed in terror as they realized that it was the son. 3. Happy birthday! One morning a young girl wanted to give her older sister an amazing present for
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