Short Story : ' The Veil '

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Frame 1: The Veil I chose this frame in an interest of where it all began. During 1979 there was a Revolution and later was called "The Islamic Revolution". The veil represented as a religion, people protested against the veil and for the veil at the time. In 1980, schools forced girls to wear them, they didn 't know what it meant or what it was for. Also, they separated boys and girls from each other. One day they decided to shut all bilingual schools since the people who believe that it represented capitalism of decadence, they called this "Cultural Revolution". As people walked by others could see that a demonstration was going on, one day Marjane mother was demonstrating and a German journalist took a photo of her and was published in all the European newspapers and one magazine in Iran. Marjane was proud of her, but her mother wasn 't thinking the same. She went into a disguise for a very long time, she died her hair, wore dark glasses and a big coat to cover herself everyone thought she was crazy. Marjane didn 't think about the veil as much as everyone else did. She believed that deep down she was religious, but as for her and her family, they were very modern and Avant graded. She claims that she was born with a religion and that one day she will become the last prophet. Men thought it was a ridiculous idea for a woman to be a prophet. Marjane wanted this since she and her family stand above the poor. She wanted to do this for their maid, who couldn
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