David Short Story

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David was a 45 year old Scot living in Florence for the past 15 years. He had been there for his summer vacation with his brother and fell in love with the city. He loved it so much that he did not even go back home. His brother died shortly after their trip. David could never fully process and recover from that loss. But if that was not enough, his parents just ignored David and wanted distance from him out of fear to be hurt again. David took it personal and swore to himself that he would never talk to them. A promise that he has held since then. To compensate with the loneliness he plunged into work.

He owned a Café right at the Ponte Vecchio and loved his job. David’s life wasn’t special or exciting, he lived an average …show more content…

David stood next to the boy, not knowing what to do. He didn’t understand the boy and did not know what he wanted. He tried to talk english and italian with the boy, but the boy did not understand him.With a small hand gesture he made clear that he didn’t understand the boy. The boy waved away and left. David was confused, but went back to work.

It was the end of the day and David was about to close the café. When turning around, he spotted a figure at the end of the empty Ponte Vecchio. It was very unusual that the Ponte
Vecchio was empty, but then today was the day of the foundation of Florence and everyone was taking part in the celebrations at the Piazza Duomo. David got his bicycle, as usual, and was about to ride off when the figure yelled something. It was the boy again. David felt sorry for the little boy and didn’t know what to do with him. He tried communicating with the boy with gestures, trying to ask him where his parents where. The boy didn’t understand him. So David tried to show the boy through hand hand gestures to follow him and decided to take him home. On the way they encountered only one person, a small, bald and unfriendly looking guy.

Once they were home David prepared some dinner. When suddenly there was a knock at the door. David opened the door, not knowing what a mistake that was. He opened the door and got knocked out by a blunt metal object.

When he woke up, he had something on his

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