Short Term Goals Research Paper

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Throughout my life, I have always been in awe of the police officers that I watched on the television shows and soon began to imagine myself in blue uniform ready to protect my community. I fantasied about tracking down and catching the bad guys, but since growing up I have a new desire of understanding why the perpetrator committed the crime. After years of people asking me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I never truly believed that I would be studying criminal justice to peruse my dream. To help obtain my dream profession, I set multiple short and long term goals that will help guide me.
The short-term goals I established are simple, but have a great impact on what I hope to achieve in the future. After completing my associate’s degree …show more content…

After finishing my degree, I plan to use my education to earn job that pays well so that I will be able to sustain a family comfortably. Growing up, my parents managed our household by living paycheck to paycheck. Although we always make it by, I have seen the stress it has caused my parents because sometimes they cannot provide everything for my sister or me. From this experience, I have learned that I want to be able to provide a comfortable lifestyle for my wife and children. With my criminal justice degree, my goal is to become either a homicide detective or a United States Air Marshal. I have always found detective work fascinating: whether on the television or in real-life. Detectives skillfully analyze a crime scene from sometimes so little evidence and I want to possess the knowledge to do the same. I am also interested in becoming an air marshal because I have always wanted to travel around the world. Not only would I experience the world, but I would be able to protect thousands of lives in the process. The goals that I have set for myself, have driven me to continue my education so that one day I could accomplish my dreams. By receiving this scholarship, a burden will be lifted because I will not have to focus on repaying my debt that entails with a college degree. I will then be able to focus solely on completing my education

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