Short Writing : A Short Story

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"They aren't the last pups you delivered?" Steph asked. "That's right." He replied flatly. "Can you elaborate?" She was starting to get annoyed with his short answers and dodges. If he caused her to lose her free meal she was going to... she didn't know just what at that moment but if he gave her a chance to debate his death, she was going to come up with a very creative option. "Why is this so important? Were not here about the pups I helped deliver. We're here because everyone in this room hates how I deal. So stop asking useless questions..." His voice was raising with each word that came out of his mouth. Steph glared at him but before she could verbally scold him her brothers voice filled her head telling her the whole story. "There were two young teenagers, the boy a pack wolf and the girl a rogue. They had run away because his parents didn't approve... Even though they were mates." She waited for his permission to continue. A swift nod of his head told me I was allowed to continue. "They were on the outskirts of your territory, the boy begging your patrollers for help. When you got there, there wasn't time to move her. You told the boy to hold her hand and remind her how much he loved her. And you helped her deliver that little baby boy... the baby boy they named Sinclair." Steph could feel tears filling her eyes as she shared the story, speaking word for word what her brother was telling her. "With out your help, they would have been in big trouble. She and the

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