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In the woods when the sun was just starting to set, there was a van driving on a long-abandoned road, behind the wheel of said van was a tired looking girl who seemed to be about 19. She took a sip of the long cold coffee, and turned to the turquoise haired girl sitting next to her.
"Hey uhhhh Cas, Cassie? Where are we?" Noting the headphones, she stopped the car and turned around to inquire of the two boys in the back, "Kenny, Timmy, do either of you have an idea where we are? It seems like we've been driving for like 20 hours and we still haven't found the place."
The two looked up at their friend.
"Um yeah, I don’t know either, there's no signal, I can't pull up google maps." Timmy said then went back to his comic book.
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The mansion was covered in vines, and the bricks that composed the walls looked to be a faded pink. There were four pillars supporting the balcony above the porch, all had been chipped at some point in their existence with the inner left pillar looking the worst. There were two potted plants that sat on either side of the door, both dead, and the bushes that lined the house were wild and unruly.
Alice approached the door with caution, looking to the others
"Are you ready to hopefully find a ghost?"
They all shouted yes, excited at the prospect of finding what they had been searching for all summer.
"We're like the mystery gang, except, we don’t have a talking dog" Cassie added.
Timmy turned around "Hey! Sock the 4th is a valuable part of this team."
"Valuable is not a word I would use to describe a guinea pig." Kenny said, while walking over to the door, pulling out his lock picking kit, and pausing to look at Timmy. "Wait the 4th, you killed another one?"
"Yes, well you would have known that if you had attended the funeral, you heartless monster."
"Yeah, yeah, whatever, I'm busy." Kenny paused and put away his supplies. "That’s strange, the door is already unlocked. Huh." He then opened the door to demonstrate.
Alice looked kind of confused but then shook her head "Okay weird, but on the bright side, less work." She then walked into the house and motioned for the others to come in with her. "Guys its supper dark, Timmy

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