Should Armed Guard Be Patrolled Schools?

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Should armed guard be patrolling schools?
There were over 200 school shootings in America from 2013 to 2015 — an average of nearly one a week. In all, these incidents resulted in 59 deaths and 124 non-fatal gunshot injuries. A staggering statistic considering that protecting children at schools has been and will be one of the top priorities for all Americans. Americans disagree on many topics and have diverse social and economic beliefs , but we all agree on providing safe and secure learning environments for our students. Government officials and school administrators face substantial altercations balancing parents’ expectations on keeping the students safe, and understanding the best available solutions with limited funding. These …show more content…

Following the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident in 2012, there have been heated debates about whether or not if schools should have armed guard to patrol schools to deter the potential active shooter and to protect the students if the unthinkable takes place.
Many believe that just the presence of an armed guard will prevent any potential of shooting at schools. In reviewing past major school shooting incidents, the intrepid shooter planned ahead. They were not expecting anyone at schools would protect the students and staff by shooting back at them. It is safe to assume, the shooters would have had some hesitations, if they knew they were expect to confront an armed guard at the schools. If there is a shooting incident, an armed guard can take immediate action unlike the emergency responders who would have to get to the school and assess the situation before taking any actions. Even a five to ten minute reprieve could mean life or death to many students and school staff.
Professionally trained guards can also could play a role in addressing some of the core issues before they even turn into school shootings. In most cases, the shooters are victims of bullying or have been depressed for a period of time. In addition to patrolling, the armed guards can watch for student on student bullying and can observe and report any students that are acting out their depression in

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