Should Athletes Be Allowed To Stay Drug Free?

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The athletes of our generation are the most physically superior group of athletes our world has ever seen. It is these special humans that are making sports more exciting to watch than ever. Contrarily, some of these athletes are making the sports more difficult and boring to watch because of their lack of skilled compared to the naturally proficient ones. These weaker athletes water down the excitement towards the sports because they provide no real competition to the better players in the sport. Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) have the ability to make athletes faster and stronger. However, these special drugs are banned from most athletic competition! Even though 1/10 of every ex-NFL player has taken PEDs the remaining 90% remain to stay drug free, also known as underachieving. The reason why this is happening is because of the dull league commissioners who are trying to make their viewers suffer by producing most…show more content…
They keep insisting that consistent drug use is “unhealthy” for many of the nation’s most elite athletes, and also unfair to athletes that gain their skill from hard work. In their eyes, the best way to make matches fun is to slightly change the rules to make a more competitive setting to athletes. This will obviously make none of the difference compared to the magic of steroids and other PED’s. These irrational and outrageous ideas made by commissioners shouldn’t even be considered at all.
Sports is a huge part of the great nation of America. This means that lots of money is being gained from athletics, but this figure will soon fall down unless the excitement of sports is more appealing to the average American. Therefore, giving PEDs to less skilled athletes is the solution to ensure plenty of action and more competitiveness to modern athletics. My final word to all the fellow sports fans who miss having fun on Sundays, to “Juice Up
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