Should Bill Pass A Ban On All Assault Weapons?

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Should Legislators Pass a Ban on All Assault Weapons? School shootings, theater shootings, bank robberies. What is the common factor in all of these scenarios? Criminals? Death? Tragedy? Yes, but so are assault weapons. Mass homicides cannot happen without a powerful gun. However, can the public reasonably attribute mass murders to assault weapons? And if these weapons are to blame, then does that mean that we should ban all assault weapons? Bans on weapons in the United States are neither unheard of, nor difficult to implement, but banning assault weapons is the wrong way to solve the issue of mass homicides. Legislators should not pass a ban on assault weapons because there is no need for one. Sometimes the public can make entirely incorrect inferences about certain issues. This misinformation can sometimes become prevalent when talking about assault weapons and mass homicides. Often assault weapons are painted as horrendously deadly guns that can kill hundreds of people in minutes with little to no thought from the shooter. However, what is often misunderstood is that the type of weapons most often mistaken for assault weapons are machine guns. Machine guns are fully automatic guns that typically require two people to operate and can fire multiple rounds under a single prolonged depression of the trigger (“Fully Automatic Firearms.” 1). Machine guns are not assault weapons, and are far more highly regulated by the government than semi-automatic firearms. Such

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