Should Children Vaccinated Be Vaccinated?

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Did you know that 25 states don 't require homeschooled children to be vaccinated? Or that 19 offer philosophical exemption? Just by filling out a few forms parents can prevent their child from receiving life saving immunization. It should be required of all parents, whose children are able, to have their child vaccinated. It protects not only the child, but other non-vaccinated people around him/her. Also it 's a perfectly safe procedure. Finally, it has saved many lives and would save many more would it be a requirement. According to, vaccines aren 't safe because they include dangerous ingredients. Also that these "dangerous" ingredients are to risky due to possible side effects.Though many argue that the dangerous …show more content…

This however is purely speculation. Even the head of the Autism Science Foundation had this to say, "We have to move forward and be willing to accept what science tells us: Vaccines do not cause autism." Many believe that this idea came from the fact that children receive vaccines around the same time they would start showing signs of autism. This means that though it would appear that the children got autism due to vaccines, but that is simply not true. Actually there were seven important studies included in major medical journals saying just that. So despite all of the deliberation over weather or not vaccines are safe, they are very safe. Another major argument against Immunizations in that the diseases they are supposed to protect us from are too uncommon to be dangerous. However, this is because immunizations are extremely effective, so the more children that receive them, the less risk there in for those who can not. There are many children who can not get one or many vaccines due to medical allergies or poor health. Luckily, by immunizing all who are able to be, we would be protecting the "herd." This means that when a certain proportion of the population is vaccinated, not many people can get it, so there are very few ways to get sick from it in the fist place. That could lead to

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