Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Recently, one of the most prominent and controversial topics in sports is whether college athletes should or should not be paid to play. Many experts tend to argue that college athletes should not be paid to play in schools. I disagree with this argument due to various reasons. A key source of income that is seen to exist in different institutions is college athletics. It largely attracts many students into institutions. Moreover, many universities worldwide depend on athletes in order to produce as well as maintain the institution’s name and popularity. Therefore, college athletes play a significant role towards promoting their schools in achieving their different goals such as an adequate income acquisition. Thus, my question is, why do college athletes not get paid? Some people argue that college athletes should not be paid since they receive their education through scholarships. It is quite evident that scholarship money provided to these college athletes is not enough to cater for all their needs to satisfy. On the contrary, college athletes tend to generate enough income for the institutions. Therefore, there is a feeling that the institutions, in one way or another owe the athletes a little more than scholarships. Colleges should also appreciate their athletes by not only giving them scholarships, but also paying them. This means that they should be given the small payment for their contribution in offering services to the institution. Indeed, college athletes
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