Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Matthew Pelak
Ms. Mazure
English 3
1 February 2016
Should College Athletes Be Paid
“But Whittenburg beats Anders to the ball, retrieves it and with the clock showing 0:02 he heaves a 35-foot desperation shot. Charles, reading the shot all the way, leaps, snatches the ball from the air and slams the ball into the net with a second left” (Espn). Fans all over the world pay hundreds of dollars to view college sports games similar to this one. People are about as entertained as they can get. But how much do they players make for this? It 's an argument that pops up every year approaching the legendary NCAA basketball championships. College athletes should not be paid by the NCAA because it would be too difficult to determine the amount each player earns from the NCAA, schools can have unfair advantages over one another recruiting wise, and athletes who receive full scholarships gain advantages for the rest of their life.
The NCAA made around $27 million during the year 2014 (Daily Local News Sports). If the players were to be paid, distributing the money would be the real problem. What would be the rules to determine how much money a player in college would make? Should female athletes be paid less even though they work just as hard? Should Divison ll and Division lll athletes be paid less than division l athletes? Many different rules and regulations would have to be set, in order to fairly pay players. In the end, these rules would generate more unwanted disagreements

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