Should College Athletes Be Paid?

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Over the past few decades, college athletics have grown in popularity, making collegiate sports the most revenue producing attraction at a college or university. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) additionally receives an abundant share of the revenue the colleges have profited. With the two large corporations receiving this share of money, the debate as to whether college athletes should be compensated beyond the traditional scholarship has become an issue in all colleges and universities. To avoid the athletes thinking they are not being acknowledged for their worth, the National Collegiate Athletic Association should establish new means to compensate college athletes that does not involve any form of an employee salary. …show more content…

The primary sources for these revenues are from ticket sales, sponsors, broadcasting, apparel sales, and donations which all generate that money (Chait 1). Athletes are recruited to colleges because the coaches think they have the talent to help the team succeed in their sport. At Auburn University, Cam Newton received a full ride scholarship. He became the “star” quarterback for the team, which produced a lot of revenue for the football team and the university (Belson 1). The school thought of additional methods to create more profit, so they put Newton’s number on jerseys, sweatshirts, hats, and other wanted apparel. Those sales alone increased the profit margins enormously (Belson 1), and it all went to the team and the university. All the extra money that resulted from promotional efforts generated even more controversy. Questions arose, such as where to spend the additional funds, whether the school needed new athletic facilities, or even whether the star quarterback should receive a portion of the profits, and were debated. Both sides held passionately to their opinions, and the topic generated a strong response from people on both sides of the debate (Belson 2).
There are some people who think that if universities are making billions of dollars so easily then, they should be giving their athletes more of a financial bonus to compensate them for their individual efforts and the team’s success.

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