Should College Classrooms Be Applied?

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Trigger warnings, these two words are more often than not, associated with the internet, or any type of online media, but lately it has been bustling its way into reality. To put more on your plate, specifically college life is where the spotlight is at, and the professors are not too short from the issue with these warnings. Professors should not include trigger warnings for potentially challenging material in their classes on the grounds that it will only keep students from preparing how to deal with such situations in and out of the classroom. It is part of the learning experience in college. Everyone has their own definition on what trigger warning means, let alone how it is or should be applied. I believe it could be applied to …show more content…

It could be a popular opinion you post on your account and if it is not properly tagged, it is most likely that a few users will be offended and send a awful amount of hateful messages until you correctly tag what you had written and posted for the whole internet to see. Particularly, I had been attacked over posting a picture of a blue flower, in which case, it triggered someone because it reminded them of a negative event that they rather not remember. I do not think that the sensitivity could be described as extreme, but something much more. The users of this site are often viewed in the negative light for the excess use of these trigger warnings.

As explained before, trigger warnings can be applied to many things, and some of those things can be just absurd, referring back to my opinion that professors should not use trigger warnings for challenging material it is as such. It should not be a requirement that these teachers need to introduce a trigger warning before class or any assignment. They should not fear for their job cause a student claimed they were inconsiderate of how they felt. This is part of the learning experience, and in college you are an adult, and you can not be protected from subjects outside the classroom. Life is triggering, the classroom does not escape it either. Students that see a day without these warnings negatively do not see it in a positive light, period. They simply do not want to try, cause they

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