Should Female Athletes Get Paid?

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A professional world known soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo is the highest paid athlete with earnings to be over 88 million dollars. Compared to the highest paid female soccer player earning roughly 2.8 million dollars. This is one of many massive wage gaps in the sporting. People debate the wage gaps of sports for males and females should be less as they have the same skills. People also believe that males sport competitors for some sports are getting paid way too much, “Their wages should be halved and even some extremely good sports people should have theirs quartered.” In basketball LeBron James a professional basketballer has a salary of 31 million dollars a season. as this is compared to the highest paid female basketballer Elena Delle Donne who earns 4 million dollars a season. Roger Federer another world know sports person as a tennis …show more content…

In comparison since men’s soccer (EPL) is a world sport watched the athletes are getting paid a reasonable amount of money compared to the females. The female’s soccer (WPL) is known in fewer places and is not watched world-wide so the salary caps between male and females is a reasonable amount due to sponsorships. Men’s basketball (NBA) is watched in places around the world and the athletes get paid a proper amount for the sponsorships and how popular the sport is. Females basketball (WNBL) is not watches as much as it is not televised in many places so the athletes don't get paid very much. Tennis players get paid around the same amount of money as the sport is equally know around the world and is televised in many places these gaps are reasonable as the sponsors for the best player are around the same amount for the males and females. After researching and findings these statistics, it has influenced me to believe that male sport athletes should get paid a little bit less than they are now. Or female sport athletes should get paid

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