Should Gambling Be Legalized?

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Gambling is an activity as old as civilization with as many varied forms and practices. From betting on cock fights to Presidential elections, gambling finds itself in a consistent battle with various cultures. No other gambling activity is as popular or as controversial as lotteries. In the United States, gambling had long been illegal. That is largely due to the Christian origins of most state legislation. Of which, the traditional view saw gambling as evil. Over time, more progressive individuals in the United States pursued relieving the strict laws on gambling. Gradually these measures succeeded in areas, but remained stalled in the traditionally religious southern states. In a renewed effort to expand into the wall of resistance. Lawmakers and lobbyists repackaged the lottery as an education lottery. A system in which the proceeds will benefit the school systems. Using this measure of marketing, they were successful in their goals. Now in most states there exist a state sanctioned lottery of some kind. There exist large amounts of empirical evidence establishing the argument that lotteries assist in upward wealth redistribution and disproportionately affects low income individuals. Furthermore, there are audits that have shown that the education portion of lotteries has been neglected. In some states, those audits have shown that not even a single dollar was given in support of the state education system. For the purposes of this paper, the basis will examine a

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