Should Grass Fed Beef?

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Grass fed beef, in the last ten years this has become one of those trendy food items. While typically associated as a boujee Whole Food 's only type of product for the wealthy and elite, grass fed beef has made it 's way into most conventional grocery stores across America. Whoever, many may be wondering whats the deal with this grass fed beef stuff? Is it worth the extra money? Is it even any healthier? Today I 'll give oyu a brief overview of why I believe you should be eating grass fed beef if your going to eat beef.
A Brief History of Agricultural in the 21st Century and how it applies to grass fed Beef

To understand why grass fed beef is so important, and why you should be eating it, one must first understand very generally history …show more content…

The beef industry continued to flourish hitting record numbers in the 1970 's, it was also around this time that taste corn fed beef had become the public 's preference and basically things haven 't changed much since then. Corn feed beef dominates grocery stores in the United States, if you pick up a piece of beef (and any other form of meat for that matter, including fish) you can bet your bottom dollar that the animal you are about to consume consumed corn.
Whats the problem with Corn?

At this point you must be wondering, whats the issue with corn? Frist let me point out when I say corn, I am not speaking of sweet corn that you eat a bowl of for dinner. We are talking about field corn, which is primarily grown to fed animals, that we then eat. The problem is with feeding animals field corn. Here 's the problem with feeding animals (particularly cows) field corn: animals are not supposed to eat corn!!!! As a result we have meat products that are wreaking havoc on our health. First, understand cows are meant to eat grass and other foraged materials. Cows are not supposed to eat corn, when they do a plethora of things happen. The first is that it makes them sick. Cows fed corn become bloated, are more susceptible to liver abscesses, and e.coli. Also, because Corn is high in phosphorous and low in calcium which is a recipe for kidney stones. You must also understand to combat all the damage the corn does to cow, farmers then pump their animals full of drugs to

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