Should Gun Control Reduce Violence?

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Do-Hyun Weaver Professor Mike Beasley English 201 Final Essay 08/14/14 Would gun control reduce Violence? Perhaps gun control is one of the most controversial topics in America, appealing to the emotions of those who support, as well as those who oppose the regulation of firearms. Although people take various stance on the issue, supporting some aspects for control and rejecting others, the more rigid individuals tend to split into pro gun and anti gun control. The pro gun group express themselves as the supporters of constitutional right to bear arms according to the Second Amendment. Advocates of gun control distinguish themselves as struggling for a more civilized society against gun nuts and profit driven firearms manufacturers. The issue of gun control is a political question that each side has tremendous interest in the outcome. Hence, positions tend to solidify and supporters of one position tend to deny any merit in the place taken by others, each side detracts those who they disagree with. Researchers who are meticulous in presenting research results can become ardent in their argumentation as the most supporters of a enthusiastic political position. Nevertheless, data indicate that numerous nations that have more stringent gun controls does not necessarily show the correlations with lower rate of violent crimes, leading to the conclusion that the United States ' current gun regulation requires comprehensive revisions. Until then, Gun regulation of the United
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