Should Homosexuals Be Stopped?

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There is no exact definition of homosexuality, but what we are sure of that it is not a physical defect, it is not a mental illness and it’s not a demonic act of possession. Homosexuality means that two people male/female from the same sex or sexually attracted to each other this could also be called same sex attraction. Some people experience same sex attraction or homosexuality, they have this feeling that they are different from others, some people say they have felt that way since a very early age so that is said that they are born gay. Some people believe that homosexuals choose to be gay and that isn’t true people don’t wake up one day and go like “ooh so I’ve been straight for all my life why not try being gay just for fun”. The direction of one’s attraction can’t be altered quickly, it just so happens that people find themselves either attracted to the same sex or the opposite.

Homosexuals have been around for about thousands of years, and every economy has had to cope with the fact that their are homosexuals whether they support them or not they are aware that they live with them and that they are part of their economy. Is homosexuality bad? Or is it good? should it be stopped? Or should it be welcomed into society? Do governments have the right to ban homosexuality? Or should homosexuality be seen as a private matter and shouldn’t concern people. Let’s say someone did a survey about whether or not people would agree on living with a professed homosexual some

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