Should I Drink This Beer? Essay

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Should I drink this beer? Should I Get A Job? Am I too fat? These are some typical questions that adolescents face during their middle school and high school years. Peer pressure can change the answer to those three simple question in both a negative or positive way. Peer pressure is when a group of your peers is trying to influence you to do something in either a good or bad way. Peer pressure can be shown in many different types of situations such as when drugs and alcohol come into an adolescent 's life, worrying about their body image, and teenage sex, as well as dealing with bullying, and depression. Peer pressure shows up the most when adolescents come in contact with drugs and alcohol while they are with friends. Kathiann Kowalski from the book Teens at Risk says that “Teenagers are particularly vulnerable to peer influences” (Egendorf, L. K., & Hurley, J. A., P. 43). Some obvious ways to tell if an adolescent is being peer pressured is how they act around a certain group of people and doing things that they wouldn’t normally do. “In a NIDA-funded study, teens driving with their friends in the car were more likely to take risks—like speeding through yellow lights—if they knew that two or more of their friends were watching” (Why Does Peer Pressure Influence Teens To Try Drugs?). Many teens have an impulse when they are with friends to try and act out to impress their friends. Drugs and alcohol have also always been a major concern to parents with adolescents only

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