Should Juveniles Be Convicted As Adults For Violent Crimes Essay

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Juvenile should not be convicted as adults for violent crimes because juveniles lose brain cells and connections that are responsible for controlling impulses, risk taking, and self control. taking a child and putting them in a prison or jail can mess with their mental state and they will get so accustomed to that sort of environment that they will feel insecure and end up committing another crime just to get back to the comforts of a prison cell because they feel like an outcast. Some teens suffer from mental instability and because of that instability that teenager will not understand that they are committing a crime.

A study was made on the human brain to see exactly how it changes throughout the years of developing. During the first ten months all neurons are barely starting to make connections. Then progressing to age six the brain’s frontal lobes start developing emotion, attachments, planning, working memory, and perception. Then, during the “teenage years” the neural connections or “gray” matter is still developing. this is the reason to why they need to control their impulses because with all the drug and alcohol influences that are invading every high schooler's life they don't even know how to control it. The brain reaches its peak at twenty two and last for five more years afterwards it’s a …show more content…

With this said teenagers are at that risk as well. They feel shame because of their crimes committed so they believe that it is better to just avoid their family and friends and go back to cell block four. In 2015 alone there were 41,973,384 juveniles arrested in the united states, and 5,151,216 were arrested in the state of california alone. So that statistic alone is enough to tell you that something is going on inside of the teenage mind that we might not understand or comprehend the way they want us

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