Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults?

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Under most state laws, juvenile offenders do not commit "crimes". They commit delinquent acts, some of which are acts that would constitute crimes if committed by an adult. The trial phase of a juvenile case is an adjudication hearing.(Should juveniles be tried as adults? (n.d.). Retrieved from "This means that the judge listens to evidence presented and make the determination on whether the child is delinquent."The court may then take whatever action it deems to be in the child 's best interest".(Should juveniles be tried as adults? (n.d.). Retrieved from Juveniles are tried but are not considered guilty because of the age they commit crimes and in the eyes of the public and psychologists, they have time to develop to make more sound decisions then at the young age they commit the crime. Youths have been committing crimes since the 1960’s and 1970’s and as the crimes have risen as they are more violent, there are valid reasons to try a child as an adult. There are three types of transfer laws: legislative (automatic transfer), judicial discretionary (judicial transfer), and prosecutorial-discretionary (prosecutorial direct-file) in which defines the type of transfer for the juvenile is eligible for depending on age criteria. (

In the article titled, Reconsidering

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