Should Marijuana Be Legal?

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What is the new question on the table with politicians and law enforcement officials alike? The question is whether or not it is time to legalize, tax, and create a lucrative industry out of marijuana. For a few decades now the idea of legalizing marijuana has been met with fierce opposition and seen as being nearly impossible to accomplish. The current state of our economy and criminal corrections system have actually made the option of legalizing marijuana for financial aid as not only a viable option but a prudent one (Cohen, 2009). From a sociological standpoint it almost seems to be common sense to legalize and tax the plant. The research supporting the benefits of marijuana in the fields of finance, healthcare, economic stimulation, …show more content…

What potential domino effects would this act show under a macro-level analysis? I feel that a socialized shift will come out of both the economic crisis and the legalization of marijuana. A somewhat more Marxist style of social order could possibly be the end result of all of this. The common sense of it seems to be the driving factor for this movement. It is no longer seen as being a desperate plea from stoned out hippies. This idea has reached some of the highest offices in our land. States have already begun to ratify and reform laws based on marijuana (Cohen, 2009). The only issue that I can see is the culture shock that the country would feel. It would be a radical difference from what we have been used to. "What 's that you say? You can buy rolled joints at the Exxon?" These types of questions will be the tip of the iceberg. After a little bit of time, people will become comfortable with the idea and a new page will be turned in the American history books. We have seen a few countries receive a significant revenue boost after legalizing marijuana. California has reformed laws to also potentially gain revenue from marijuana. Will America finally come around to what millions have been already saying? Will America legalize and tax pot? We may have an answer sooner than we expect. Works Cited Cohen, Andrew. "Time For Marijuana Legalization? Economic Crisis Spurring Politicians to Talk about Legalizing Pot" CBS News Feb.

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