Should Marijuana Be Legalized? Essay

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Legalization of Marijuana Marijuana is not a recent discovery, but the mysteries surrounding the controversial topic in question remains to be disputed since its prohibition. Classified as an illegal substance, cannabis has been restricted in Canada and around the world. Marijuana is a complex drug and its contradictory claims of medical purposes, and harmful destruction, fuel the debate on whether or not the legal constraints of consuming marijuana should be reconsidered. In consideration of academic journals and news article, citizen welfare, economy benefit, social progression and legal system implications, will be focused on. Despite opposing beliefs, prohibiting the recreational usage of marijuana does not counteract the dangers of the practise thus legalizing marijuana in Canada will allow greater benefit than harm. Ever since the Canadian Liberal government initiated the legalization of marijuana, many have been appalled by potential consequences of the adjudication and conjointly, there are strong beliefs that recreation use of the the drug present. Some advantages in legislating the change are that, the underground economy will be intermittent, there will be safer drugs for user, and accretion of monetary funds. The first advantage is that regulating marijuana will abolish the marijuana black market in Canada, and consequences affiliated with illegal commerce. Additionally, criminalizing drugs presents ambiguity concerning the effectiveness of law enforcement

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