Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Support for marijuana legalization is rapidly increasing throughout the United States. “A slim majority, 53% of Americans, say the drug should be made legal, compared with 44% who want it to be illegal” (Motel). What would change if marijuana was legalized federally in the United States? Would everyone be sane? A lot of things in the United States could happen by legalizing marijuana. There would be less marijuana related crimes. With all the laws that are being passed, would it be harder to tax? Would it benefit the economy? marijuana should be legalized, federally. Why is it not federally legal? “Many people assume that marijuana was made illegal through some kind of process involving scientific, medical, and government hearings; that …show more content…

The government could issue a tax of $23 per pound, like tobacco. That would bring in approximately $500 million each year. Then they could even add a 10 percent sales tax to it and make an estimated $5.3 billion per year. It’s estimated that there will be a spike in business after legalization. Then after that spike it will drop from $28 billion a year to $22 billion. Gavin Ekins and Joseph Henchman explain that, “The change in tax revenues is largely from a reduction in business profits as production increases and profit margins fall. In addition, as the price of marijuana falls due to increased production, sales tax revenues should also decrease somewhat” (Ekins). When the state government passed these laws, they weren’t sure how to tax it because the federal government hadn’t legalized it. Only a few states have recreational and medical, legal. A few other states have one or the other. When you only have one you’re not going to bring in a lot of taxes. The industry will make a certain amount each year. Washington and Colorado have had marijuana legalized the longest, therefore they have the better data than the other states. The people voting were told that the legalization would bring around 2 billion dollars. marijuana can be used many different ways, but because it can be sold as a cigarette, edible, liquid, or vape, a specific tax is hard to do. Based on Tax Foundation’s statistics in Colorado, “15 percent tax

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