Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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Marijuana has earned itself a terrible name over the years. This plant has a long history with humans, from early medical uses to spiritual and even recreational use. In recent years, many states have seen the legalization of marijuana for medical uses. Most large scale experiments have been hindered because of the difficulty of getting experiments involving marijuana approved. Despite this roadblock for the research of marijuana, surveys and observations of the medical use of marijuana show that the plant may have legitimate medical uses. The lack of evidence showing that weed is a dangerous drug also pushes for its legalization for recreational use. Based on all of the evidence about marijuana for recreational and medical use, marijuana …show more content…

The fact that people abuse the system by lying about pain to obtain drugs should not harm the people whose lives would be greatly improved by gaining access to medical marijuana. Prescription drugs are a legally protected danger to our country. This statement may be a bit radical, but there is truth to it. Marijuana is a safer and more natural alternative to the painkilling pills given to most patients in today 's world. It is not a huge secret that it is very possible to overdose on prescription drugs and even become mentally or physically addicted. Prescription drug abuse is the fastest growing drug problem in the United States (CDC) One thing to note is that heroin is an opiate like most prescription painkillers are. Prescription drugs are said to be a large gateway into using heroin. Prescription drugs are abused by people to get high and unlike marijuana can easily cause death by accidental overdose unlike marijuana. Prescription drugs usually contain two main parts: the opiate and the acetaminophen. The opiate is extremely addictive while acetaminophen will destroy your liver if taken in large doses. Both parts have their role in killing pain and other symptoms such as fever or swelling, but each also can produce fatalities if the incorrect dosage is taken. Marijuana is an analgesic,or a

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