Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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If marijuana was legalized, among state and local governments, there are major ways that the government would be saving money. Firstly, there would be savings within the police departments and resources. By cutting down the amount of criminal activity going on, fewer arrests will be made, the amount of police resources could be cut down as well, which would then result in savings in salary and other resources. Jerome Adda, Brendon McConnell and Imran Rasul of The University of Chicago Press state that, “A depenalization policy can free up police resources to tackle non-cannabis drug crime.” According to data retrieved from ABC’s Matthew Laratonda, “ The 50 states and the District of Columbia spend a combined $3.6 billion each year enforcing bans on marijuana.” Prosecutorial and judicial resources will be needed less as well, which will also lower the court and prosecution costs. Lastly, one can find a great savings in government funds is within correctional resources. This is because the amount of marijuana related incarcerations would be greatly reduced. In the United States the prison population is six to ten times higher than in most European nations (United States Bureau). When it comes to the federal expenditures it gets a little trickier, but according to the United States census, the federal government, without worries of marijuana related crimes in the United States will save approximately $2.6 billion (United States Bureau). Although, by decriminalizing marijuana,

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